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Bitcoin falls below $ 13,000 ... and is heading for the worst week since 2013

Bitcoin fell below $ 13,000 today, Friday, after losing about a third of its value in just five days, as the digital currency headed to record the worst week since 2013 after a strong rise to a peak level close to $ 20,000 on Sunday.
The largest and most famous digital currency has increased by 20 times since the beginning of the year, jumping from less than a thousand dollars to 16 thousand and 666 dollars on the Bitstamp Stock Exchange in Luxembourg on Sunday and exceeded 20 thousand dollars in other exchanges.
But Bitcoin has fallen on a daily basis since then, and the loss accelerated on Friday. The currency fell to 12,560 dollars in Bitstamp, recording a decline of about 20 percent during the day.
By 0850 GMT, the currency was trading down 15 percent at 13,320 dollars, heading to its worst week in more than three months.