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Bitcoin trading experience the price of the currency rises by $ 3,000 in one day

For the first time since its emergence, the virtual currency Bitcoin became one of the currencies traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange, after its price exceeded the value of $ 15,000 and $ 460.

Bitcoin for those who do not know it is a virtual digital currency that appeared recently and its price began to rise over time until it reached this figure. This currency, which first appeared in 2009, is based on electronic systems, as it does not have a central bank, and it is bought and sold electronically via digital exchanges.

With the rise in the price of the currency and the start of its circulation on the Chicago Stock Exchange, we tried to conduct a trading experiment as something that many may resort to in the coming period, and with a desire to learn more about this currency and try to provide advice to those who wish to trade, we did this experiment.

Searching for "Bitcoin" in Arabic on the Google search engine is enough to help you start trading. As soon as you type the word, you will find a number of websites in Arabic and English and an explanation of how to trade it.

Trading on these sites is not completely safe. According to the research we conducted on the risks of trading, pirates steal information on different accounts.

Among the sites that allow trading in Arabic, we found a site that confirms that it belongs to the Central Bank, which is something we have not confirmed until writing these words. Do central banks grant legitimacy to this type of site, and what are the central banks that cooperate with it and how.