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Bitcoin virtual currency price rises to a high of $ 1,400

The price of Bitcoin currencies rose to its highest level, reaching 1,400 US dollars on Tuesday, after it increased more than three times over the past year, as the recent rise is due to the strong demand for this currency in Japan, after the digital process was considered a legal means of payment.

According to what was published by the British telegraph website, "Cryptocompare", which is a data 

site that analyzes the trading of Bitcoin currencies across dozens of exchanges around the world, said that about 50% of the trading volume in the last 24 hours was on the Bitcoin / Japanese Yen exchange rate.

"Japan has recently strengthened its approach to Bitcoin by treating it legally as a form of payment, approving it and introducing it into the regulatory folds," said Charles Hayter, founder of the site, adding that China's campaign on exchanges could also be considered a positive step for the industry as well.

Chinese authorities have increased controls over exchanges this year, forcing them to start charging fees on trading after becoming concerned about Bitcoin speculation and the possibility of using it to launder money.

The price of Bitcoin rose 3% on Tuesday on the Bitstamp Stock Exchange in Europe, where it was traded in dollars, to reach $ 1,437, the highest since its launch in 2008, and this represents an increase of more than 200% over its price in early May of the year. the past.