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After mining 88 percent of all Bitcoins ... find out how much is left

 There is not much Bitcoin left to be mined by the miners, as according to the data provided by "Block Bot", 88% of all Bitcoins were mined, leaving only 2520000 Bitcoins.

When all bitcoins are mined, Bitcoin miners will no longer be able to collect the block rewards because there are no more bitcoins to be generated, which means that Bitcoin miners will only earn transaction fees that will be charged from each verified transaction.

Bitcoin mining is very important to continue protecting the blockchain, and the rewards of the mining process will be offset by fees for transactions made over the network.

Miners play a major role in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Since the last Bitcoin split in May 2020, the bonus has halved from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC, which means that Bitcoin miners are now getting around $ 63,750 ($ 10,200 x $ 6.25) per block.

As a reminder, mining is the process of adding confirmed transactions to a Bitcoin blockchain.

For the resources required for mining, the blockchain network rewards Bitcoins with transaction fees and subsidies.

The subsidies are paid per block at the current rate of 6.25 Bitcoin, and fees are paid per transaction.

This confirmation process involves solving complex mathematical problems and a lot of computing power.

The Bitcoin miner who successfully mined is rewarded for its contribution to the blockchain based on the PoW mechanism.

Despite the recent sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin has performed fairly well, with Bitcoin increasing by more than 30% since the beginning of 2020 and maintaining its position above $ 10,000 after testing this price level several times.

Bitcoin has not yet fallen below $ 10,000, and the currency is still struggling to stay above this level and psychological barrier.

It should be noted that bullish sentiment continues, as evidenced by the many data provided and many analysts believe that the Bitcoin price will continue to support the price and stay above $ 8,000.