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Telecom giant Huawei has partnered with the Chinese government to work on a new blockchain platform


Huawei, one of the telecom and mobile phone giants, has partnered with the Chinese government to create a new public blockchain platform, according to a report issued by Jintai News.

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has stirred up controversy in the West, as it faces allegations that its products can facilitate Chinese espionage around the world.

The charge of cyber espionage, data protection and privacy made the US government ban Huawei products in late 2018, but this did not prevent the technology company from pursuing new opportunities in China, including the first domestic attempts to implement blockchain in data management.

According to the report issued by the aforementioned source, the new blockchain platform underway is designed to be aimed at people in general and to be beneficial to city residents.

In other words, the blockchain platform will effectively and transparently target various areas of daily life in the city.

Among the expected solutions are improvements to the city's healthcare infrastructure, whose problems have been exposed by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The report suggested that a solution powered by the new blockchain platform technology can predict epidemic trends in advance, using data from every hospital in the city to coordinate medical responses.

The new blockchain-powered platform will also address other parts of Beijing's capital infrastructure.

Areas of focus include handling complaints and appeals to city government decisions, parking issues and road use, and a means of verifying risks related to water, gas and electricity use in homes.

Meaning and it seems that most issues and annoying problems will be dealt with more quickly and steadily