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Thailand uses blockchain technology to store court records in the country


Thailand is pushing ahead with its plans to use blockchain technology to store all court records in the country.

According to the Thai Justice Office, which oversees more than 90% of the country's courts, it expects the transition to blockchain to be completed in 2021.

The office says it has been working on blockchain technology for some time.

Thailand is looking to be at the forefront of countries using blockchain technology:

There are insufficient details about the movement of judicial courts in Thailand towards blockchain technology, as the Thai Office of Justice has not specified which blockchain will be used.

However, the move is expected, as Thailand is making great efforts to increase its technical footprint.

The country plans to become the digital hub of Southeast Asia within the next ten years.

The country also plans to implement the so-called "Thailand 4.0", by focusing on digital improvements that will improve the quality of life for its citizens while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

To this end, the Thai government has identified pillars on which this new digital economy depends. These pillars are:

Digital Infrastructure, Promotion and Innovation, Service Infrastructure, Society and Knowledge.

Increased use of blockchain technology:

Many countries in Asia are turning to blockchain technology to meet different needs.

One of the areas in which blockchain technology is used most is the protection of personal data as well as the fight against fraud.

Coronavirus helped spur this development as many individuals want to limit physical contact and complete remote services, and many schools and universities use blockchain technology to issue graduation certificates.