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Tourism Informatics Blog is a new variety news blog that contains video clips through YouTube episodes, in which we discuss various modern and new tourism topics, in addition to articles that I hope will rise to the good aspirations and admiration of the generous follower. My family site was established in 2018, where we hope to attract visitors from all over the world, as its main headquarters in Egypt and its director Rami Ramadan who entered this field in love with him, I started my blog project in the hope of achieving my dream one day so wish me success, and contribute to enriching The Arab web domain and the lack of monopoly of information, my videos on my YouTube channel, inspiring I share with you new things, join our channel by subscribing and enjoy my various fun videos, your support for me means a lot to me.

The goal of the site

Delivering information smoothly and with complete transparency, our goal is to communicate everything new in the world of modern technology to the recipient in the simplest way, our goal is to collect sufficient information and display it with professionalism and accuracy so that it reaches the recipient and the follower in an easy and smooth way, our goal is to define who does not know, our goal is to communicate the information in a way Free instead of paying in order to benefit all of us.


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